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Addiction Treatment Lansing gives people the opportunity to make constructive and life-altering adjustments by helping them break free of addiction.  Addiction causes emotional, physical, financial, and professional suffering.  Addiction Treatment Centers in Lansing help people end the struggling so they can reach their sobriety goals.  Addiction therapy generally starts with detox, though it is not always obligatory, and includes a customized treatment program, group and individual counseling, wholesome diversions and activities, and access to the 12-step community.  Moreover, clients live in lovely, affordable outpatient communities that provide the same care and luxuries of inpatient facilities.  Call (517) 258-1477 to start recovery now!

The Dangers of Addiction

People usually speak about addiction in terms of physiological and psychological addiction.  Both are dangerous penalties of drug and alcohol use regardless of how often or much is abused.  Physiological dependence, also known as physical dependence, refers to the body’s adjustment to the substance by incorporating it into ‘regular’ bodily functions.  For instance, opiates like oxycodone exchange the ‘feel good’ chemical compounds within the brain, and when an addict stops using oxycodone they lose the power to create these chemicals.  Psychological dependence happens when an addict perceives a ‘want’ for the substance because it causes pleasure (not necessarily because their bodily functions depend on it).  People also turn out to be psychologically dependent on activities, such as gambling, buying, and self-hurt.  It’s necessary to not forget that a user could be both psychologically and physiologically addicted to one or many substances at the same time.

The Goals of Addiction Treatment

The extremely qualified professionals at Addiction Treatment in Lansing guide clients through the rehabilitation (or rehab) process, enabling the addict to permanently quit substance abuse.  With therapy, clients will learn to recognize the psychological, financial, social, physiological, and legal penalties of drug and alcohol addiction.  Addiction Treatment Lansing additionally seeks to investigate the deep-seeded, psychological causes for addiction, helping their clients keep away from situations and individuals who previously acted as triggers to drug and alcohol abuse.

Customized Addiction Treatments

Addiction Treatment Lansing knows that using individualized treatment programs for every one of their clients is the best form of rehab, because each particular person is different, their addictions are totally different, and their psychological temperament is different. Addiction rehab specialists analyze the addiction, or addictions, any co-occurring psychological disorders, and the personal situation of each client to facilitate the most affective rehab program.  One frequent treatment method that clients may experience is named cognitive-behavioral therapy, where they will learn to acknowledge, keep away from, and cope with triggers of drug and alcohol abuse.  Family therapy aims to create a supportive and wholesome family relationship.  The use of motivational incentives throughout rehab encourages clients to make modifications in their setting and social circles, which supports abstinent behavior.

The First Step: Call Addiction Treatment Lansing Now!

Don’t underestimate the worth of the decision to put an end to drug and alcohol addiction.  Self-doubt and guilt often stop individuals from picking up the phone, but it’s the first, and most vital, step towards bettering physical and psychological quality of life.  Addiction recovery specialists can be reached 24 hours a day to handle any questions about detox, pharmaceuticals, alcohol, treatment center locations, or different rehab concerns.  Call an addiction recovery specialist at Addiction Treatment Lansing, Michigan to take the first step in the direction of recovery.  It is time to end addiction!  Call Addiction Treatment Lansing at (517) 258-1477 now!