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Detox Centers in Lansing help clients take step one toward recovery from drug or alcohol addiction, utilizing protected, supervised clinical facilities and custom designed detox regimens. Detoxification, or detox, eliminates amassed drugs and cleanses them from the body, but it shouldn’t be mistaken for drug or alcohol rehab.  Detox alone is not treatment. Detox doesn’t need to be intimidating if done in an orderly, medically supervised environment. Detox therapies range depending on which drug is being abused, and ‘cold turkey’ strategies aren’t appropriate for all addictions.  Actually, cold turkey may even be dangerous in some circumstances, so Detox Lansing makes use of protected and proven methods that deal with each client as individuals with different detox needs. To speak with a detox expert, call Detox Lansing at (517) 258-1477 now!

What to Expect from Detox

Detox Lansing customizes the detox process to maximize the benefit to each and every client, however there are three common stages to expect. The evaluation procedure is vital to analyze which substance, or substances, are getting used, and in what amounts. Some users are hooked on more than one substance – frequently in combination with alcohol – which can considerably effect the way detox is utilized. Then, Detox in Lansing detoxifies the patient’s body, eliminating destructive pollutants and substances. When the body is purged of destructive drugs, then Detox Lansing suggests that their clients go into right into a customized rehabilitation treatment program in an effort to support lasting and continual health.

Why Treatment Is Important

Detox is a powerful first step to take towards recovery, but many people suffering from drug and alcohol dependency are additionally afflicted by mental problems that contribute to the dependency and impede recovery. After detox, and without additional support, addicts can easily find themselves in scenarios where they may use again. One important factor in the chance of relapse is access to those common locations, people, and situations. Recovery is a lot more effective when the addict removed from the surroundings that trigger their addictive behavior.


After the initial detox procedure, Detox Lansing urges continuation into one of their 28-day, 60-day, or 90-day rehab programs. Here, clients can begin their rehabilitation assisted by group and individual counseling sessions, the 12-step community, engaging diversions and physical activities, and beautiful, stress-free living accommodations. These living communities combine the same, 24-hour monitored care expected from expensive inpatient facilities, with the affordability of outpatient facilities. Clients stay busy with programs designed to help them reach their goals, even while remaining comfortable, so as to reduce the stress that, in the past, resulted in abuse of drugs or alcohol.

Take the First Step Today!

Detox is much more effective as first step if followed by drug or alcohol rehabilitation programs. Unlike many other facilities, Detox Lansing offers support and treatment programs after the detoxification process. Even though detox cleanses the body of drugs and toxins, it doesn’t deal with the triggers responsible for drug and alcohol use in the first place. Facilities that only provide detox services can’t make guarantee that their clients stay clean and sober forever, however Detox Lansing, Michigan wants their clients to leave with the techniques to battle dependency for the rest of their lives. Take step one towards sobriety, and speak with a detox professional at (517) 258-1477 now!